How do school districts use Impact Aid?

Most Impact Aid funds, except for the additional payments for children with disabilities and construction payments, are considered general aid to the recipient school districts; these districts may use the funds in whatever manner they choose in accordance with their local and State requirements.  School districts use Impact Aid for a wide variety of expenses, including the salaries of teachers and teacher aides; purchasing textbooks, computers, and other equipment; after-school programs and remedial tutoring; advanced placement classes; and special enrichment programs.

How many school Districts receive 7002 Federal Property Impact Aid?

During any given year, there are about 240 school districts that qualify for, apply for and receive Impact Aid.

How is the almost 1.2 billion dollars of Impact Aid distributed each year?

Nearly 92 percent of the $1.19 billion appropriated for FY 2003 is targeted for payment to school districts based on an annual count of federally connected school children. Slightly more than 5 percent assists school districts that have lost significant local assessed value due to the acquisition of property by the Federal Government since 1938. Slightly less than $27 million is available for a competitive discretionary construction grant program for which certain Impact Aid-eligible school districts can apply.